COVID-19 Pandemic and Policy Solutions for American Descendants of Slavery (#ADOS)

COVID-19 Pandemic & Policy Solutions for American Descendants of Slavery (#ADOS)


Washington D.C. (March 26th, 2020) – Our greatest concern is for the “least of these” – American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS); evidenced by the testimonial here and the attached document. We have been maligned, abused, mistreated, pushed aside and all but forgotten. In this great & distressing moment, we need not be relegated to the bottom caste any longer. We are asking The Black Caucus (CBC) to center their advocacy around the needs of ADOS and our place in society. We are the bottom caste, without any safety net, no wealth & no hope. We need a strong African American (ADOS), middle class. If America is to make it through this crisis then the time to act is now.


With this in mind, we would like to pose the following questions to The CBC:

1.) What is the financial restitution being proposed by The CBC relative to the $10-12 trillion dollars required to eliminate the racial wealth gap?

2.) How will The CBC’s proposal translate to the level of expenditure needed to eliminate the racial wealth gap? What mechanisms are being used to translate the level of expenditure into closure of the black-white wealth gap?

3.) How will The CBC’s proposal eliminate the racial wealth gap, and how quickly?

4.) If The CBCs proposal will not eliminate the racial wealth gap, what are the other reasons for supporting it, if any, especially since it will not achieve what a program of pure reparations should accomplish?

5.) Is peer-reviewed research or research support by governmental sources available to support The CBC’s proposal? If so, what are those sources?

Without satisfactorily evaluating The CBC’s proposal by the above questions, it remains unclear as to the utility of any proposals. As highlighted by the questions proposed by BAmDOS, further explanation is needed on how the proposal offered by The CBC proposes to close or eliminate the racial wealth gap, what is their outlay of actual expenditures for reparations, and the reason why their proposal is preferable to other plans.

The Black American DOS (Descendants of Slavery) Caucus provides insight, criticism, and recommendations for policies that support a Black Agenda in the United States. An important—but not an exclusive—emphasis for the BAmDOS Caucus is reparations for Black American Descendants of American Slavery (also known as ADOS). The Caucus’ mission is to serve as a policy evaluator and design arm of a movement promoting the interests of the ADOS community.


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