Opportunity Zones – Opportunity for Whom?

*UPDATE: 01/05/20 – Fixed the links in the downloadable Opportunity Zone PDF below. Thank you!

“What we are quickly seeing is that capital dropped in a community is not the same as capital designated for community benefit.” – Morgan Simon,

“Opportunity Zones: We’re Getting It Wrong”

The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act launched the Opportunity Zone (OZ) program (Trump Administration)

What are Opportunity Zones?

Market-based incentive for private investment (wealth
hoarders) Designated to 8,762 low-income zones vs. 38 Empowerment
Zones. Capital gains (a profit from the sale of property or an
investment) taxes are avoided and may dissipate to zero if
investment is held for 10 years. Investment could be in property or businesses.

What are Flaws of Opportunity Zones?

Investors have zero requirements or incentives to work with local
communities where they are investing. There are no requirements for
tangible benefits for the local community. Lack of venture capital for existing businesses in the local community.

Click here to download – Opportunity Zone Guide PDF


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