1526 Project

The 1526 Project explores the ways in which enslaved Black people and their American descendants fought to liberate themselves from physical enslavement, social isolation, economic exclusion, political suppression and the educational deprivation imposed upon them by American government and the day’s social order. From actual slave revolts to political campaigns, this project examines the hidden struggles slaves and their Black American descendants experienced in their efforts to be recognized first as humans, then as citizens.

The project was designed to uncover the uncomfortable truths of America’s relationship with Black slaves and American Descendants of Slavery; it is the “digging up” of the lives of those men and women whose works have been buried in favor of the patriotic retelling of America’s national origin story. In these essays, acknowledge our hidden heroes and add their works to this nation’s historical memory.

Celia’s Rebellion

Written by Nobly Rogue In 1855, after years of physical abuse, Celia had been driven to arm and protect herself. Merely nineteen years old, Celia stood her ground against Robert

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